Portable version for Windows you don't have to install

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Any thoughts on having a portable version of Picard available for Windows? One you can just unzip to a folder and run it solely out of there without having to install it? That could come in handy when you want to use Picard on a computer where you don’t have permissions to install things.

You can download a portable version for Windows from Picard download.page:



If only all questions were that simple to answer. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately MB Picard assumes (or insists) that everyone aught to be using Windows 10 on a 64 bit machine… :slight_smile:

I have used portable apps before and still do. This is Picard


I actually wouldn’t recommend using the one from portableapps.com anymore. As it is based on the normal installer version it has to apply some workarounds to make it behave. E.g. it has some logic to move the configuration folder around. This does yield some surprises for users having both the installer version and the portable one running in parallel.

We have a Picard version built explicitly to be portable, use that one :slight_smile:

Of course we know there are still some users who are, for whatever reason, still using 32 bit OS. But it is something we decided we can not reasonably maintain and support. And 32-bit is finally clearly on it’s way out, which is about time after over 20 years of AMD64. If your PC is not older than 15 years or so it is very likely to be a 64-bit machine. Of course I’m also aware that 32 bit OS was sold to a much later date and that Windows 10 is still available as 32bit, even though MS started the process of phasing this out.


Perhaps someone can advise what the last 32-bit build was, what O/S’s are supported and provide a download link.

Ditto for last builds that support Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

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I’m using the current version 2.5.6 under Windows 7 with no problems whatsoever.

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The last 32 bit version, which was available for Windows 7 (I think with service pack installed) and later, was Picard 1.4.2. We removed it from the download page after it stopped working a year ago due to outdated Open SSL, see [Solved] Picard cannot fetch data from Musicbrainz.org . As mentioned in this thread there are still ways to make it run, but it is no longer officially supported.

The last 64 bit version is at this moment the official version 2.5.6. It runs also on Windows 7 (with service pack and fully patched) or later. For now I see no need to change this requirement. The next releases will for sure have the same minimum requirement, although I cannot say for sure how long Windows 7 support will be feasible.

Should we need to drop Windows 7 support in a future release for some reason we can keep the then latest version still supporting Windows 7 on the download page.

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