Poor performance of the Lookup button in Picard


Windows 11
Picard 2.11, default settings, without plugins and scripts
14190 MP3 files without tags

  1. After Cluster recognized 715 Clusters

  1. Afte Lookup it left 419 Clusters in the left panel and recognized only 294 Albums in the bottom bar.

  1. After Scan it left 24 Clusters in the left panel and recognized 2370 Albums in the bottom bar.

Overall, there are 234 untagged files left, as shown by Mp3Tag.

However, this number 234 is about 10 times greater than what is shown in the left panel in Picard in brackets next to each directory.

I counted these numbers in the left panel and it is: 15 unclustered + 30 in brackets.

Why do you still use Picard the way it was never meant to be used? Hasn’t it been explained ad nauseam in previous threads already?



I help in finding errors.

Lookup is using tags, so getting not so great results is not surprising at all. That you still got a third matched is rather good.

Scan uses the audio fingerprint. So yes, in a case where lookup does not work out well it is the logical next step.

Getting all but 30 files out of 14k identified is actually a quite good result.

Overall I think we have discussed the topic about trying to identify files without tags exhaustively already. I’m out of this discussion now.