Policy regarding factual errors on CD covers

I am new to this community, so maybe this question was already discussed, but I can’t find an answer.

To my understanding, an information about tracks of a particular release should be copied from the CD cover. When entering “Corelli Complete Edition” 2010 release from Brilliant Classics (4d07f4e6-5c61-4c54-8f9f-957d349d942d), I have found that the paper cover of the CD 5 contains a title “Sonate da Chiesa” (church sonata) for Op. 4, whereas the correct title is “Sonate da Cammer” (chamber sonata). It looks like the CD cover designer copied a wrong title from Op. 3 which is on the same CD. Correct names could be found, for example, here: http://wiki.ccarh.org/wiki/MuseData:_Arcangelo_Corelli

What is the policy in such cases: enter the title as it is on the CD cover, even if it is wrong, or use the correct title, even though it differs from the CD cover?


It is policy to enter the correct data, unless there is artistic intent in making the mistake (not your case apparently): https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Principle/Error_correction_and_artist_intent

The CD cover is not the only source of information, and many contain typos or incorrect credits. You can use any other solid source to back up your claim. In your case, put the ccarh.org URL in your edit comment, so that reviewers and users who look at the changes after the fact understand why the change was made.

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It’s also a good idea to point out the error in the annotation so no-one tries to correct your correction.