Point me to a release that contains 'subtitle' please?

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I want to learn better how Picard handles/retrieves ‘subtitle’ tags.
But I haven’t been able to find a release in Musicbrainz that populates that tag in Picard.

Can somebody point me to a release that has ‘subtitle’ populated?

(I am not talking about ‘disk subtitle’ a.k.a. ‘set subtitle’)

Picard doesn’t fill the subtitle tag with data from MusicBrainz. It supports it for tagging, but there is no built-in way to populate it.

The Classical Extras plugin can be used to save e.g. the movement into the subtitle tag.


Ah, that was what I was already kinda suspecting, your confirmation is very useful.

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I’m using disc subtitles, you might want to check out my script and “steal” whatever you need: Repository for neat file name string patterns and tagger script snippets