Plugin - Tag first recorded date


You were right! that was enough to be able to load it, and even enable. Unfortunately, once it’s enabled picard no longer loads and albums and just remains “unmatched”. Any other suggestions to update the code?

Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

Indeed, actually the code is not compatible and needs more fixing :frowning: I can’t right now look into it more, but it is doing webservice request and that code changed quite a bit in Picard 2 and the plugin needs updating.

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Oh ok, thanks anyway for looking into it! That way I don’t have to spend more time on it.

Do you know if the other plugin referenced here has the same problem? (Plugin - Tag first recorded date)

Never mind, I can’t even get it to load properly… probably even older. Anyway, thanks again for everything!

That’s a plugin for beets, not Picard :wink:

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Wow, I am as clueless as they come lol. Thank you!