Plugin - Tag first recorded date

Sure. But it’d be nice for those that do have it. And would be a bit more incentive to try and get some of all the possibly duplicate recordings researched and merged. :slight_smile:


I’ve uploaded this plugin to github:

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You may want to submit a PR for this plugin at

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Awesome!!! exactly what i needed good job

Actually i cant get it to work on 1.4.0 dev7 thats a shame :frowning:

Is it known to work?

I can only assume not :disappointed:

I’ve been working on it a bit, myself (in 1.4, not dev); haven’t posted yet since I’m keeping my programming username separate from the one I contribute to MB with, and Discourse doesn’t make it particularly easy to switch from one to another. Based on the debug logs, the plugin seems to fetch the dates just fine – it just runs into issues understanding what it finds. As a separate issue, it doesn’t play well at all with standalone releases; it fails in such a way that their titles seem to get stuck at “[loading track information]” until some other update makes them realize that they do actually have that data.

As I said, I’m not giving up on this, but in case anyone else wants to take a look, I’ve written up my findings in a couple issues on GitHub.


I noticed you haven’t made PR against the picard-plugins repository with your plugin. Would you mind if I (or someone else) did this?


Has anyone used this lately? How is it working? anything major I should know?


I’ve been looking for something like this as I have a lot of compilations or reissues in my collection.

AcoustID is really good but it identifies the compilation rather than the original release.

The date I’m really interested in is « earliest release date ». One can find it manually in the usual places (i.e. discogs, allmusic and wikipedia) but it’s really time consuming.

What if AcoustID could return the oldest release rather than the compilation? I wouldn’t mind getting the original album name and artwork. :slight_smile:

Anyway, good idea.

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Does it have the same functionality as this one

Hello, I created an account here JUST for this specific topic as I have a large amount of tracks I am currently working through and wanted to categorize/add their actual release/recorded year, and really REALLY do not want to have to do it manually and Wikipedia each one (would take months!).

Is this plugin actually working or is there something that IS currently working?

I came from the link Forssound posted from Beets because it’s exactly what I am looking for.

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Is there a way to update this plugin? When I try to install Picard says it is not compatible with latest version 2.2.3…


It could be enough to edit the file with a text editor and change the line:

PLUGIN_API_VERSIONS = ["0.9", "0.10", "0.11", "0.15"]


PLUGIN_API_VERSIONS = ["2.0", "2.1", "2.2", "2.3"]

I quickly skimmed over the code and it looks good and I assume that should work. But kt could also be that there are additional issues and the plugin still won’t load. Just try it :wink:

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You were right! that was enough to be able to load it, and even enable. Unfortunately, once it’s enabled picard no longer loads and albums and just remains “unmatched”. Any other suggestions to update the code?

Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

Indeed, actually the code is not compatible and needs more fixing :frowning: I can’t right now look into it more, but it is doing webservice request and that code changed quite a bit in Picard 2 and the plugin needs updating.

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Oh ok, thanks anyway for looking into it! That way I don’t have to spend more time on it.

Do you know if the other plugin referenced here has the same problem? (Plugin - Tag first recorded date - #17 by Forssound)

Never mind, I can’t even get it to load properly… probably even older. Anyway, thanks again for everything!

That’s a plugin for beets, not Picard :wink:

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Wow, I am as clueless as they come lol. Thank you!