Plugin for Lyrics

There is one for 30%from musicmatch, however there does not seem to be one for all the lyrics?unless I have missed it??

I’m not entirely sure, but I have a feeling that’s due to only a portion of recordings being associated with works, and only a portion of works having lyrics links. If the plugin works like I expect it to, it tries to trace from the track to the recording (trivial) to the work (sometimes not present or having multiples) to the URL (same issues as the work), and both the latter jumps can be points of failure.

If you wanted to get started editing the database, that might be a good place to start; we always need people linking recordings to their (correct) works.


I have used MediaMonkey successfully in grabbing lyrics (if they are available) and embedding themm in the metadata

Lyrics is a problem as they are covered by copyright and a legal way of getting lyrics legally is limited.
The musicmatch plugin is legal as they have a licence for the lyrics and provide an api for us to retrieve the first 30% of these lyrics without cost.
Gracenote seems to have these lyrics (and provide it to other sites) but there is some history between musicbrains and them.

Other sites may provide lyrics but none of them in thair copyright notice suggest we are able to use them.
It would not be hard to write a plugin that scrapes one of these sites and write the tags to your files.


I would expect a Picard lyrics plugin to take the approach suggested by @WovenTales:

  1. Fetch Works for Tracks/Recordings
  2. See if there are any “lyrics page” relationships.
  3. Fetch lyrics from any linked lyrics pages (with supported APIs)

This would have the caveats that @WovenTales also mentioned, of the data simply not being there in many cases—but all the more reason for you to start adding it! :slight_smile: (Note that some of our whitelisted lyrics sites, LyricWiki and Genius at least, are community edited, so you can even add missing lyrics there, once you’ve added the relevant Works to MusicBrainz. I don’t know if they have usable APIs that Picard could use though.)


I use Foobar2000 and Musicbee for grabbing lyrics, the only real issue I have found is that the way picard tags multi part tracks tends to mess with the graggers, they tend to like more simplistic titles.

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