Plugin/feature request: combine

Following a conversation in the very exclusive MB discord, I’ve come to request a plugin that would basically concatenate the original title and other languages of releases with multiple translations in Picard. For example, Release group “TVアニメ『響け!ユーフォニアム』オリジナルサウンドトラック おもいでミュージック” by 松田彬人 - MusicBrainz has titles for both the original Japanese release, the romanized titles, and the English titles. I can’t read Japanese, but I would like to still have the Japanese titles just to have the originals. Since I know the English titles, and can search for those because I have an English keyboard. So having the Japanese titles with the English titles in parenthesis would help a lot for me to recognize them.

I also think this would be useful, but my thought is to give you new variables for track titles in different language/script combinations. with that, it would be possible to do all sorts of cool stuff, like what is described above, but also adding track title sort names using Romanji (Latin characters) and stuff like that~ it could even mean you wouldn’t need to do the weird tagging dance by tagging the release with the Japanese release and then the English or Romanji pseudo-release to get all the data that’s discouraged from adding to the pseudo-release, like labels, catalog numbers, medium types and whatnot

I’d imagine it could work through the transliterated/translated track listing of relationships by finding the translation/transliteration the user specifies, say “English/Latin” or “Japanese/Latin” in the example case above

that said, I don’t want to hijack this feature/plugin request, I can make a new thread for this if needed~

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