Plug-ins not working

I acquired a new PC and installed MusicBrainz. Previously, I’ve been successful using Remove Perfect LPs and ReplyGain 2.0 plugins. But now none of them are working. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Can someone provide me some troubleshooting steps to get these working again?

Steps I have already taken are:

  1. I reloaded all pugins.

  2. I clicked on the folder that contains all the plaugins and they are accounted for.

The first thing I suggest is have a look at the log file to see if there are any error messages that might point to the source of the problem. You can see the contents of the log by selecting “Help” → “View Log” from the menu. You might also want to look into the General Troubleshooting section in the documentation for more information.

I appreciate the answer but…

I’m not a coder nor do I understand anything about reading a log file.

So, doing so would be an exercise in futility.

Exploring General Troubleshooting and searching for Plugins does not explain how to install the plugins nor does it give any practical advice on how to troubleshoot. It says stuff like, "Plugins are written in Python, and are registered to the appropriate hooks. Each plugin has its own version identifier, but also lists the plugin API versions that it supports. When loading a plugin, Picard first compares its list of API versions to the plugin’s supported versions to ensure that the plugin will operate correctly. The Picard API versions indicate the version of the program in which the plugin API was last updated and any plugin APIs with which it is backwards compatible.

Hooks are connections to the various objects in Picard that call a specific type of plugin. During the normal running of Picard, when it encounters a hook it will first retrieve a list of all plugins registered for that specific hook, and then execute them sequentially in order based upon the priority specified when the plugin was registered to the hook."

This is not helpful since I am not a coder. I am a User.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I am a User not a coder. I don’t think what I’m asking is outrageous. Just simple instructions on how to install or troubleshoot why something doesn’t work on a USer-level not a coder level.

What is not simple about this?

If there’s error messages in there then you can paste them in here and we can have a look at what’s up…

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Your original post asked for troubleshooting steps, which is what I provided. Sorry to be so blunt, but I can’t tell you how to fix something if you provide zero information.

As for plugins, if you take a look at the Plugins Options section of the documentation you’ll find that it explains how to install plugins (both standard and third-party plugins), as well as what all the icons mean for each of the plugins.

If I had to guess (which is all I can do with no information), I would speculate that you haven’t enabled the plugins.that you have installed.


The ReplayGain 2.0 plugin requires you to install a backend separately. Go to the plugin settings and make sure you have it downloaded and the path set. If you don’t have it downloaded, there is a link to the download page in the plugin settings.


@bsac335 If you are not willing even to try to follow the steps previously outlined, then perhaps your best bet is to uninstall Picard, check that your disk has no remaining Picard files left over and then reinstall it and the plugins you want, and then see if that has fixed it.

P.S. Picard is free for you to download and use in part because there is not a company with paid employees behind it. Picard is written by volunteers, and the support is also provided by volunteers. But there is a core team of these volunteers, so at least you can be reasonably confident that someone will try to help you as much as they can and as much as you let them. So please do NOT get snarky with volunteers who are giving up their own time to try to help you.

Picard Plugins are user created and support is even less formally provided than with Picard itself. Yet, even for the most obscure plugin, you will generally find someone willing to volunteer to try to help you or even to fix the plugin for you if you happen to find a bug. But you do need to work with them, otherwise they cannot help you.


I am sorry if you all are picking up on my tone of frustration. I didn’t realize you all volunteer. I really like this program and I think it is wonderful. It’s just that I really suck technically and get frustrated when things get complex.

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What is installing a backend separately mean? What backend?

I thought all I had to do is click the Install button for Reply 2.0 since it is not a 3rd party plugin.

The instructions for the plugin (reproduced below) clearly state that, "This plugin depends on the ReplayGain utility rsgain. Users are required to install rsgain and set its path in the plugin settings before use.". I’m guessing that you never read that.

Calculates ReplayGain information for tracks and albums according to the ReplayGain 2.0 specification. This plugin depends on the ReplayGain utility rsgain. Users are required to install rsgain and set its path in the plugin settings before use.


Select one or more tracks or albums, then right click and select Plugin->Calculate ReplayGain. The plugin will calculate ReplayGain information for the selected items and display the results in the metadata window. Click the save button to write the tags to file.

The following file formats are supported:

  • MP3 (.mp3)
  • FLAC (.flac)
  • Ogg (.ogg, .oga, spx)
  • Opus (.opus)
  • MPEG-4 Audio (.m4a)
  • Wavpack (.wv)
  • Monkey’s Audio (.ape)
  • WMA (.wma)
  • MP2 (.mp2)
  • WAV (.wav)
  • AIFF (.aiff)

This plugin is based on the original ReplayGain plugin by Philipp Wolfer and Sophist.

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I am not convinced that I did enough with the original plugin to justify this credit, but thanks anyway.