Please add this album/artist to MusicBrainz (request thread)

Welcome to MusicBrainz. Are you an artist, promoter, label, or fan who wants to see something added to the database, but doesn’t have the time or know-how to add it yourself?

Firstly, please feel encouraged to add releases yourself. You can do it!
There are some great step-by-step guides in the Beginners Guide doc, including video walk-throughs. The adding an artist video is 5 minutes, and the adding a release video is 10 minutes, and they are thorough and simple to follow.
The majority of new releases exist on streaming platforms, so once you’ve gone through the guides above, you can use a importer to efficiently and accurately ‘seed’ your releases to Musicbrainz, for instance using a-tisket (takes Deezer, Spotify, iTunes links).
If you get stuck you can ask for help in these forums, IRC, or Discord.

”Thanks, but I can’t add it myself for [reasons]! Please could you do it for me?”
Well, since you’re being so polite, a community member may indeed feel like entering it for you!

  • Post a link, in this thread, to the artist or release that you want added.
  • Include links to a source, either to another database entry or streaming sites etc.
  • If you want an existing artist or release fixed or changed post the URL to the specific entity you want edited.
  • If you have specific requests or expectations make them clear.
  • If you don’t want to make a forum account you can also use the Discord #requests channel.
  • Keep up that lovely politeness! You are asking skilled people to give up their valuable time, just for you.
  • There is no guarantee of your request being honoured.

”Great, but I need it added quick, on an ongoing/regular basis, or to exacting specifications”
I’m sure some experienced editors would love to help you, provided they are paid for their time. Contact one of the editors below:

Note that any agreements are between you and the individual editor, and myself or MetaBrainz are in no way liable for your interactions and outcomes.
Editors: PM me to get added to the list