Are these a lot of playlists, or bootleg releases. They’re clearly playlists on Deezer, etc, but also the blog posts seem to supply downloads.

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How long does the playlist exist? I’ve seen some Spotfy Users make playlists of official releases which then appear as a playlist on MB. Trouble is that release never was on Spotify as it is just someone making a list to play on their phone and sharing it. Playlist eventually gets deleted for copyright reasons.

“Best of the Month” is just a “today in the shop we are selling” list isn’t it? Seems to lack merit…

I find playlists an odd thing as we don’t put up a personal mix tape as a Release, but playlist seem to scrape in and it is impossible to keep smacking them down whack-a-mole style. I don’t like 'em, but gave up fighting against them. We really just need a Release Group type for them so we can put 'em in their own corner.

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And they are making recording identification even more difficult because they’re always linked to random recordings.

Playlists should just be series of recordings or works.


another longer discussion

I feel like this series of releases/playlists are the safest type of playlist to add, I kinda see them becoming the new norm for compilations, because you don’t have to relicense and duplicate all the recordings, and the songs are already linked to the correct album, both positives from the label’s standpoint, in my opinion. see also Wow Hits 2021, a continuation of a long-running series on CD, and the official playlist release of the Need for Speed: Carbon soundtrack

(I will reiterate here, I don’t believe all playlists should be added to MusicBrainz. see also my collection)

edit, I also think these releases in particular are safer since there might have been a downloadable version, which by itself should allow it in MusicBrainz, no problem


Totally agree with you. Adds so much noise to recordings… with zero effort to link.

It would have to be a series of recordings as too few editors add works.

But I can’t see the series thing happening as it doesn’t stop editors from uploading these as releases unless they got a big loud option put in front of them that would make their series for them. Making a series takes too much effort for someone who is using a script to import a Spotify playlist as a Release.

Especially as a series is then useless to them as Picard can’t read it.

The only way I could see it working is if a script existed that would also pull in ISRCs. Then at least there would be a way of linking it to the other Spotify tracks. Playlists are only ever made from the tracks elsewhere in the same shop so they should be linkable.

But this is a lot of work for the database devs… someone will point out the tickets no doubt. Even adding a “Playlist” type would cause a heap of work as the artist page then needs moding to support it, and Picard needs moding…

An example of an annoying playlist: Just a dumb list, 100 tracks in alphabetical order, and the uploader doesn’t even bother fixing the Capitals. Just a playlist to advertise someone’s ego.

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I closed this thread because there seem to be several threads on the exact same playlists. If you want to continue discussion, let’s keep it in Playlists as releases ?

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