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I am using Picard MusicBrainz and i renamed and organized my albums with the tool. I notice that there are no m3u files in the albums. Is there a way to create playlist files like m3u or m3u8 with MusicBrainz?

There is a plugin “Generate M3U Playlist” that you can download from the Options/Options/Plugins page.

I haven’t used this so I cannot help you to use it or comment on how well it works etc.

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I use it but it is not easy. You have to create a cue file for every album. I’m looking for something where you can just point to your music library and it creates all the playlists for you.

I’m afraid this isn’t built-in or currently extensible functionality (to my knowledge) within Picard. It might be helpful to view Picard more as a fine tool intended for small batches of corrections at the album level, and not as a large hammer that performs overall library management.

However, depending on your OS and level of comfort with scripting, you theoretically could do this on Linux with the ‘find’ command. There’s an example of this over on Stack Exchange: command line - How to automatically create `.m3u` (or other playlist file) for multiple directories supporting multiple file formats? - Ask Ubuntu

Thanks for your help

I think i tried that Linux command. It is useful for one album. I haven’t figured out to do it for all albums at once.

Someone advise me to use MediaMonkey. It’s not a free tool. I have to buy it.

MP3tag is free and useful for bulk tasks on folders of tagged music.

From their forum: Create m3u files from multiple folders - General Discussion - Mp3tag Community

Test on a small batch first before hitting all the files…

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