Play on ListenBrainz: Youtube player error

For any release, when I click on the new Play on ListenBrainz button, it opens a ListenBrainz page.
Then when I click the bottom bar play button, I get the following error:

Youtube player error

The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your <a href="/youtube/v3/getting-started#quota">quota</a>.

Yes, including the visible HTML code.
Same if I am logged in or not to ListenBrainz.
I am logged in to YouTube and can watch any video on their site.


This has been worked on just recently - does this explain and fix the problem okay?


I believe we have a bigger YouTube quota now but it hasn’t kicked in yet :frowning:
Is that correct @lucifer?

Ah it’s using ListenBrainz user YouTube API key.
So it’s the same if I’m logged in our not to YouTube.

It would be nice if it could use my YouTube user, when I’m logged in to YT.
But maybe it’s difficult or impossible to do.

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It is possible but searching with the YouTube API is quite costly so unless you already have a high quota limit you’ll quickly run into the same problem.


Does this Play on ListenBrainz button actually work for anyone?

I remember it was working when we were asked to test, before release.
But now it has never worked for me.

And when I want to close the new ListenBrainz tab opened by this button, there is a confirm dialog on before unload event that is quite cumbersome, when no sound is playing.
I guess this confirm is made to prevent closing playing tab, which is good when the sound works.

And also, I didn’t see an option in MB to hide this big button.

Or maybe we should globally hide this button until it is working.
Otherwise it feels like our site has a broken link on every page.


It brings me to ListenBrainz, but when I hit play the YouTube window pops up and gives me same error you first posted about.

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Playing music on ListenBrainz through YouTube has been troublesome for quite a while (not to mention the other bugs it has):

Other YouTube BrainzPlayer bugs

The “Play on ListenBrainz” feature also has some bugs (in part because it was based on a userscript):


As it still doesn’t work and is distracting me a lot in the sidebar, I have added a user stylesheet to my Stylus extension.


Hello! Can you please share as much details as you can so I can try to replicate the broken playback?

Which browser and version do you use?
Do you have a spotify account connected to play on LB?
Are there any errors in the browser console after you try to play a track?
Any obvious failed queries in the browser console network tab?