"Play on ListenBrainz" for Various Artist compilations Issue

So the Play on ListenBrainz button is a neat feature, and I think would work great for quickly reviewing a compilation without copying and pasting each track title into Spotify/Deezer/YouTube however it seems to get a bit confused as it will try and set every artist to “Various” instead of using the track/recording level artist when making up the “playlist”.

Release on MBz

First track should be The Standell’s “Dirty Water”, however LB seems to end up turning this into a query to look for a track “Various - Dirty Water”.

Meaning that the first track that ends up playing is this:

Where as if you load up this release:

And hit the Play on ListenBrainz link it finds the right track on YT

I can raise this on JIRA as well

Edit: raised on JIRA [LB-1386] Auto-Mapping for "Play on ListenBrainz" doesn't Work for Various Artist releases - MetaBrainz JIRA


Yeah, that seems dumb. I wonder who coded that. :innocent:

Does this look better?

Easy fix for a change. (ignore missing coverart)


thanks, you’re the real MVP :smiley:

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Not wanting to be an arse, but this appears to have gone back to the previous behaviour - I assume in-line with the other LB issues that have been happening?