Plainchant tracks on CD with Frescobaldi's Masses


I am cleaning up and entering relationships for Frescobaldi’s “Complete Edition” (c463140c-6f0c-489f-a5d4-8571176e9933). CD5 contains two Masses, where most of the tracks are works of Frescobaldi, but several tracks are plainchant (Gregorian chant) added by CD producers. The CD booklet contains the following explanation:

“On this recording the two series of Mass movements are framed by plainchant settings of three items
from the Proper of the Mass: the Introitus, Offertorium and Communion. These are taken from the Mass of
the Virgin Mary and from that of St John the Baptist, respectively. Both are appropriate since St John was
the patron saint of both Florence and of the basilica of St John Lateran while the cathedral in Florence is
dedicated to the Virgin – S. Maria del Fiore.”

Normally for classical works a track artist contains a composer, so for most works on this CD the track artist is Frescobaldi. Who should be entered as an artist for plainchant tracks? I could imagine either [unknown], or [traditional], or the performer. What would you recommend?


For plainchant I usually use [anonymous]. There might be some exceptions when the writer/composer is known but in general these are so old that there’s no idea who wrote these.


Generally we’ve used [anonymous] for plainchant and Gregorian music and all the similar early music things.