Pin for later in "made for you" playlists please

I am currently misusing the “love” function in the “made for you” playlists to build myself a “listen to this again” or “investigate this further” list that I can go back to and trawl other music sources for, but really most of my listens (when not through a recommendation engine) will be tracks I by definition love, and probably love more than the ones I have currently hit-up. Assuming that in the future “loving” a track might mean more than simply listening to one, my actual taste would be warped by tracks that have intrigued me.
Could you add another category for these “curiosity-pins” so they can be kept separate amd easily referred to (like the taste tab but called something else)

I use a playlist for this where I put tracks that catched my interest and I want to remember to listen to later.

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That’s a good idea. I’ll look into that (I’m new to this stuff). Thanks