Picard's file movements not recognized by MediaMonkey



I am trying to use Picard to organize my Music Library, especially moving files around. I have written a file naming script for that, and it works perfectly fine, except for one thing:
In the music player I use, MediaMonkey, the files that were renamed or moved get recognized as entirely new files instead of just changing the Path value of the old file.
At first I thought the error was surely on MM’s site and posted a corresponding thread in its forum, but since then I have tested various other programs to automatically move music files (as well as simply moving by hand), and all of them are perfectly fine recognized by MM.
So, does Picard something different in the renaming or moving process, and is there a way that I could get the two programs to work well together?

This happens no matter whether the files or Picard are on Windows or Linux.

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You could have linked to the thread on the Media Monkey forums :wink:

Here it is: http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=87772

Given the info there I would assume having both the filename and the tags change at the same time confuses Media Monkey. So I would try to disable Options > Save Tags in Picard and move and rename files, then see if Media Monkey finds all the files.

If the above works: To update both tags and file names I would actually first save only the metadata without renaming and moving. This will also save the MBIDs to the tags, which makes it easy to load the files again into Picard with the correct release from MB loaded. Then disable save tags and enable renaming and moving and save the files again with Picard.


Can it be that Picard not only rename and move your files but also change some tags?
AFAIK MediaMonkey looks for the filename, filesize and id3 tag content to detect a moved file. If Picard change all 3 types of MM-recognition, there is nothing left for MM to say “hey I have found a moved, size and tag altered file, but it is still the same file”.


I had a long reply written here, about me trying different combinations of options, but now that I have finally figured it out, I kinda feel like a total idiot.
The Album I was testing with happened to have a colon in the title, which Windows does not support in File and Folder names. The solution was simply to turn on the Windows Compatibility, and now I can save tags, rename files and move files all at once, only needing a rescan from MM (which it does at starting anyway). Sorry for wasting your time^^""