Picard Version 2.6.1 Keeps Crashing

When useing picard and looking up tags its ok, but when I get done saving a file and when picard is left sitting open for a minute or two it crashes without no reason with no error messages.
Picard Version 2.6.1 on a Windows 10 PC.
Nothing shows up in log files they are blank.
I tryed uninstalling it and doing a clean install no dice.

Can you consistently reproduce the issue? If you can, would you mind describing the steps? (Log files being blank can be my fault, if you have hit an unforeseen scenario).

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I load the files by add files I only do 1 or 2 files at a time. then I scan them and then save the renamed files. Then remove. The when the program id idol for a minute or two it just closes automaticly for no reason at all.

Thanks for reporting. That’s really odd, especially that it crashes after some time only. I wonder what it is doing.

Can you open a a Windows command prompt and enter the following to start Picard (assuming you have installed at default location):

“C:\Program Files\MusicBrainz Picard\picard.exe” -d

Please make sure you use the installer version for this and not the portable one. When starting it should look something like this:

Please then try to reproduce the crash and post the output of that window. Ideally the complete output, but if you can’t properly copy and paste from the command prompt window just give me some screenshots. Please make sure you include at least the very end of the output, that’s were I hope to see some details about the crash.

Does this mean Picard is unresponsive in this time until it crashes? Or do you just leave it alone and suddenly it crashes?


Another note: Please let us know, which plugins you have active and make sure you have updated them to the latest version. Try disabling those plugins and see if the issues still happen.

We fixed some crash issues in the Happi.dev Lyrics plugin with the last release. The crashes were a bit different, but still might be related.

From my side I tried to reproduce crashes on my Win 10 install, but so far could not reproduce it.


Also tried a bunch of stuff, but Picard never crashed.

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Thanks for the screenshot. Unfortunately that doesn’t help, it shows just some log messages in between. Could you repeat this, bit after Picard crashed make sure you scroll to the very end of the log output. At the end there should be some output of the actual crash reason.

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I think I may know whats causing the issue. I had some other issues with the PC I just bought this month because I couldn’t get Edge and Google Chrome to load up and FireFox would’t install a plugin to play DRM streams like Spotify, iheart and Pandora and I think this issue with Picard maybe tied in somehow. So I took the PC back to Best Buy Geek Squad to have them check it out. I may take them a week before I get it back.

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