Picard submits full file path as `file_name` value for AcousticBrainz submission, bug?

Using Picard 2.7.1 (maybe 2.7 too), the low level data value for file_name is a file’s full path, not just the file name. Not sure if this is an intentional change, but other submissions only show some song.mp3 as the value, but these are all likely submitted pre 2.7 or with the AB Extractor GUI.

The full path in question contains a hyphen (not a dash) which manifests as a Unicode sequence (\u2010) in the file_name value. The backslashes in the rest of the path are escaped \\. No other unusual symbol is present in the path, perhaps other than a single &.


I can’t reproduce this here, the file name in the submitted data for me is just the filename. This again is handled by the extractor itself. What OS are you running Picard on?

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Here is one of the submissions and the release itself.

Should’ve included my OS: Windows 11 Pro (21H2 build 22000.376)

Thanks. I’ll try to reproduce this on Windows.

streaming_extractor_music indeed does fail to extract the filename properly on Windows if the path to the file is passed with backslashes as separator. It works if forward slashes are being used instead. I added https://github.com/MTG/essentia/issues/1209 for that.

But I think we should work around this issue in Picard. See