Picard returns no results when scanning or looking-up a particular song

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There are 2 songs (from 2 different albums by the same artist) in my music library for which misicbrainz database didn’t have entries. So i’ve created entries in the database for 2 releases to which those songs belong. Then i’ve launched picard and scanned/looked-up these songs - only one of them got updated with new tags. The other one remains in the “unclustered files”. However, if i right click on said song and select “lookup in browser” it will take me to " Tag Lookup Results" page and that song will be top result on that page. Did i make a mistake when adding information to the database?

MBID of the song is: 6c3a7d33-a566-4561-9082-3b4bd9b20eb4


Picard must match the files local tags with the data provided by the database on a “best guess” basis, and when it decides the local data is too different from the web data it won’t by itself associate a release with it.

When you click on “Lookup in browser” you will be taken to the web search with appropriate search terms filled in, and if you find your track, there should be a green button to the right of the results table. When you click it, Picard will load that specific release or track and you can manually drag your local files from the left pane to the correct position on the right pane to match them appropriately.


Thanks, that did it. I was wondering what that green button does - i suspected it might add an entry to the right pane, but i expected it to mark it with * like it does for albums with updated information.

What you might want to do once you have loaded the file into Picard is to actually submit the AcoustId. Unless this is done Scan will never be able to find the file.

For this first make sure to have the file on the left pane and press “Scan”. This will calculate the AcoustId fingerprint and make a query against the AcoustId, but in your case it should not find anything. Then drag the file to the right pane on the manually loaded recording. Now the AcoustId submit button should light up. Once pressed the recording to MusicBrainz should be linked to AcoustId.