Picard not writing all tags

I have been tagging my music collection with Picard (v2.7.3) and just noticed that most of the tags listed in Picard are either not being written to the files at all, or are not recognised by any tag tool or media player I have tried (tagutil, mpv, and strawberry). Almost my entire collection is in FLAC format, and the only tags picked up by other tools are “title,” “artist,” “year,” “album,” and “track.” No “artist sort order,” no “MusicBrainz Release Id,” nothing else.

I checked the Picard options in the “Tags” section, and they are as follows.

☑ Write tags to files
☐ Perserve timestamps of tagged
 Before Tagging
   ☑ Clear existing tags
   ☐ Keep embedded images when clearing tags
   ☑ Remove ID3 tags from FLAC files
   ☑ Remove APEv2 tags from MP3 files

And the list of tags to preserve is empty.

It is definitely not a permissions issue, because I cleared all tags with tagtool and saved them again with Picard, and it wrote those same five tags just fine. Just these tags are insufficient for how I want to manage and view my library, so I really want to get this working properly.

Are you sure the tags aren’t being written? Not many programs have integration for more complicated tags like sort order or MBIDs.

If your files are in FLAC, you can verify the raw tag contents using the metaflac command line tool like this: metaflac --list --block-type=VORBIS_COMMENT your_file.flac


When you add the album back into Picard, look a the bottom half of the page. Anything listed under “Original Value” is being read from the actual audio file.