Picard not working

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The scan function is no longer working MB Version 2.6.2.
Nor will the lookup either. Can anyone know why these stopped working all of the sudden?

Can you give some more details? What exactly is happening? What operating system are you using? What kind of files are you dealing with (file format, existing tags)?

Please start Picard in debug mode, try scanning / lookup of files and post the output of Help > View Error/Debug Log here.

Your server must be down. I have MBP on another pc and it dose the same thing, I add the files and hit scan and nothing happens. Both pcs are windows 10 mp3s some just track1 track2 and some with names.

musicbrainz.org is definitely running. Can you access e.g. the following in your browser?


If not, then there is some general networking issue on your side. If yes, the problem has some other cause.

Please provide some log details, it’s impossible to tell what is happening otherwise.

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yes, I can view the link. when open it looks like this.

If clicking scan doesn’t do anything, it probably means there was no fingerprint match, which prevents Picard from fetching track info from MB. Did you try lookup?

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These are files ripped from CDs and from Amazon Music. Should already have an acousticID or fingerprint match. Also when I went to view the log files in Picard they were blank. I also tried resetting my network and that didn’t work.

Lookup does nothing also.

Not necessarily. I’ve found a few hundreds of files in my collection that are not in MB. Didn’t bother registering them because I’m lazy… :sweat_smile:

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It stopped scanning or lookup on files that are like track1, track2, track3, etc And mostly hundreds of my files are like that.
The only way Picard will scan or lookup is that If I add the title name manually on each file. I’m too lazy for that crap.
If I had to do that I wouldn’t need MBP. That’s the idea of this program to save time.

UPDATE: Picard just started working again. Solved.

Great, good to hear.

Just a note here: Lookup will not work in cases like this, as it does search for matches by existing metadata, so it needs at least some more or less usable info in the existing tags. One option sometimes is to use Tags From Filenames to generate at least title, artist and maybe album tags from the filenames or folders. Of course this only works if the file names and folders are not also just “track 1” or such.

If you don’t have anything like this your only option is indeed Scan, which analysis the audio and uses AcoustID to find matches.