Picard not tagging performers?

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I’m helping someone on another forum who’s having trouble getting Picard to tag performers. He confirmed that he has “use track relationships” and “write tags to files” turned on. He showed me a screenshot (http://i.imgur.com/0p8GR1J.png), and I confirmed that the release he’s using has performers to import (it’s this one: https://musicbrainz.org/release/8d8c1d3e-231b-3d48-bdf1-a3abb9290963). Still nothing.

Is there anything else we’re not thinking of?

Edit: actually, it seems to be this album specifically that’s the problem.


There might be 2 things happening here.


a. He is using a file format that doesn’t support performer tags and it is being displayed in the tag diff in the ui (Recently fixed - see PICARD-253)
b. Some issues with id3 compatibility and performer tags.

Both were recently fixed and will be released soon with 1.4 :slight_smile:

If it is a different issue, please make a ticket on JIRA with the picard version/ file info and MBIDs and I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


While you’re helping your friend, it might be a good idea to help him enable ClearType in Windows :wink:


Lol, no that’s an intentional choice he made.


Thanks! I’m going to test it myself later to day to see if I can reproduce it. Will let you know.


After a second look at the screenshot, I think that diagnosis is not correct. The encoder tag is set to libFLAC, so these are FLAC files that use vorbis tags and vorbis tags support performer tags.


Yes, didn’t notice the screenshot properly.
That is why I asked for more info in case the issue persists and to file a jira ticket :slight_smile:


If I can reproduce it I’ll file a ticket.


I tried loading this release in Picard

with the track relationships on and I am able to see the performer tags. I am on the latest dev version.


Definitly cannot reproduce this here, the performer tags show up in Picard for this release. Just “Use track relationships” needs to be enabled. The file format shouldn’t matter here for the screenshot shown, it should at least show the performer tags and values for the original value.

Before you file a bug it would be good to get some more info, especially the version of Picard used (if older try the latest or even daily build) and any suspicious output in the error log.


I couldn’t reproduce it either. He finally reinstalled everything from scratch and that cleared it up. Still not sure what the hang up was in the first place.