Picard not saving Metadata


I’m attempting to edit the metadata for the soundtrack for Mass Effect Andromeda. I am following the Basics guide - adding the folder, adding it to clusters, looking it up, saving it. However, when I go to the file in windows explorer, or load it in VLC, I find that none of the metadata has been saved. I reload the same folder to see that everything is still blank.

Picard renames the files properly, but will not add any of the meta information no matter how many times I do it.

System/Tech Details:
OS: W10 KB4018483 (Creator’s Update + Security Patches)
Storage: Synology NAS Drive mapped to M:
Picard 1.4.1
File Info: .wav, 2116kbps

I can remember other users report that saving tags to wav files does not work correctly but these bugs may have been fixed.

I would recommend converting these files to FLAC or another lossless format instead as tagging support is far better,

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Welp. I just read the same thing while investigating my problem further. I used an encoder to convert my .wav to flac, loaded up Picard, and everything worked perfectly. My album shows up in Plex and is synced to all my devices.

Thank you for the response - for anyone with the same problem, the above solution is the answer.