Picard Not Responding after 3 hours loading my music

Picard locked up “not responding” and was killed by windows after waiting 3 hours for it to load my music collection, It got to 57770 tracks then just stopped.

How can I get it to scan the whole collection for updating?

(I have >99k tracks)

The short answer is you need to do fewer files at once. There’s a ticket regarding what happens when you give Picard too many files, but there’s no resolution yet.



Ok, Well I am a developer anyway and helped Mixxx to fix the same problem with their library loading (we made it work on folders at a time then write the data out before moving on)
I know i have lots of mis tagged and dupe entries which is why i was trying to use picard to sort them


Awesome, maybe you can help improve Picard in that regard

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Well just managed to load my discographys folder (only 26k files in there) selected all and hit scan - lets see how that does…

Went straight to Not Responding, although the CPU usage is altering so I am assuming that its still doing stuff just you havent given the gui thread any ability to respond so its being reported as not responding.

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When Windows puts up “Not Responding” on Picard it is very misleading. What should be displayed is “Please wait, Picard is working really hard. Go make yourself a cup of tea and come back later”.

I get the biggest stalls and delays on mine when it starts going for all the artwork. Especially as I have my Picard setup to pull all art - and that can take minutes grabbing heaps of high quality images for just a couple of albums. Even on a 200Mbps broadband line.

26,000 files will always choke Picard. Cut it down to more manageable chunks. More like batches of hundreds of files at the time. If you think it is slow looking up the data - just wait until it has to write to all of those files.

It is also a better idea to work in smaller chunks as you will need to check some of the results. It is impossible for Picard (or any software) to be 100% accurate without a bit of human checking.

Personally, what I would love to see in Picard is better feedback while it is working. In the status bar I can see a bit of text as to which image it is looking for… but this would be nice to be a bit more visible. And even better to have a cancel button.

I should also add - even though I often see the “Not Responding” appear in Picard I have never seen it crash. I just swap to doing something else on my PC while Picard chews up CPU time in the background. Eventually I’ll return to the process to find it has completed.


The issue is known, the fix is known, but it depends on other internal changes, if I understood @Zas correctly. Get in touch with him and other developers on IRC if you’d like to help with fixing this.


Please also see the following issue:

I think the issue is pretty good understood, the solution at least partially :slight_smile: There was a pull request that never got into a merge able state. As always, help welcome.


I found the reason why it locks up,
If you look at Task Manager there is a little arrow to the left of Picard entry,
if you open that there will be another line with a small circle with vertical line on it,
Hover over this and it will state "Windows has suspended this UWP application"
So Windows itself has suspended the app as it was taking too much processor, I had that last night trying to save some albums, - I left it overnight and it did complete the process.