Picard not recognizing files

Allf the sudden Picard go wonky on my and not recognizing files. I ripped files from a 3 Doors Down CD and Picard will not recognize any track from the Seventeen Days CD.
What’s going on? This CD is an old one and Picard should have picked up on it in 2 seconds.

I: 02:55:56 Plugin directory ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBrainz Picard\plugins’ doesn’t exist
E: 02:58:37 Traceback (most recent call last):
File “picard\util\thread.pyo”, line 46, in run
File “picard\disc.pyo”, line 49, in read
File “discid\disc.pyo”, line 55, in read
File “discid\disc.pyo”, line 152, in read
DiscError: cannot open the CD audio device ‘D:’

That daft message is always in the logs. Assume it is just an out of date bit as Picard works fine with that bit.

That bit sounds more of a problem. Is your CD player still on D? Or is Picard looking in the wrong place? I know I confused Picartd once when I changed the letter of my CD drive after installing Picard. Needed to go back to Options \ CD Lookup to change the default.

I assume you have manually searched to check your albums are in the main MB database? You don’t say what the bands are for these CDs.

Thank You, Picard was out of date I download a new copy and it fixed the issue.

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