Picard not loading cover art, thinks types don't match

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Hi again!

Sorry to bother everyone with this, I’m just excited because I’m so close to having my whole music collection near-perfectly catalogued! MusicBrainz and Picard are wonderful…

So, I have exactly 3 releases that Picard (now version 2.1) won’t load the cover artwork for:

After reading some similar threads here, I tried unticking “download only cover art images matching selected types”, and that fixes the issue. So you’d think these three releases’ covers would simply be missing the “front” type. Except I checked, and they’re not. Then you might think I’ve been customising the “cover art types” list in Picard, but no, it’s set to include “front” and exclude “raw/unedited” and “watermark”, so everything looks good to me there.

For all three of these releases, I uploaded the artwork myself, so it’s most likely that I missed a step, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what. Can anyone tell what I’ve forgotten to do? (I’ve uploaded a lot more cover artwork in between these, the rest without incident, so it’s a rare issue for me, whatever it is.)

I’ve avoided adding the booklet type to these, as they’re digital downloads, but I don’t think that should make a difference? Though it is something they have in common.


In all three cases the coverartarchive.org API returns an empty types list, e.g. http://coverartarchive.org/release/a7763ae5-177e-43c9-b02a-0710f5eb13f2 . So seems to be a CAA sync issue.


Ah, thank you! Do you know how I can fix that? e.g. should I deselect the type, save, select it again, save again, just to get it to propagate?

There’s similarly one single release that gives a 404 for the artwork, showing up in Picard as the red broken CD icon:

Ah, nevermind, judging by Cover Art Not Appearing in Picard linking to Cover art image types not updated properly, yes, that should fix it. Thank you for telling me about the CAA sync issue, that gave me what I needed to search for!

Ack, that didn’t fix it. Either that or I need to give it a bit longer to notice the change…

OK, so after a bit more experimenting, changing the image’s type doesn’t seem to update the API in this instance, but changing the image’s comment does. Picard still hasn’t spotted this change yet, but I’m guessing it’s using a cached copy that’ll update soon enough.

Thanks again!

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Final update: they’re now all perfect in Picard, thank you so much!