Picard not finding tracks in subfolders when using drag & drop?

I find it convenient that you can drag and drop a folder containing tracks into the left panel of Picard.
But if the tracks are in a sub-folder of that folder, Picard will ignore those tracks.

Yet when you add a folder by using the ‘Add folder’ function, Picard will find the tracks in the sub-folders.

So, is this some Windows limitation, or perhaps something that can be changed in a setting?

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You might have found a bug. I can’t reproduce this hear on Linux right now, so yes, maybe it’s a Windows thing. I’ll test on Windows.

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Ok, I tried to recreate this on Windows, but this works for me. I can drag folders from Explorer or from the sidebar, and Picard will import all the files included in this folder or subfolders. I also tested with hiding files and folders, but I could not reproduce a file not getting loaded.

Can you share the debug log output of Picard when you drag such a folder together with the actual folder hierarchy?

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D: 16:29:34,976 ui.itemviews.dropMimeData:548: Drop target = <Cluster 'Unclustered Files'>
D: 16:29:34,976 ui.itemviews.drop_urls:511: Dropped the URL: 'file:///H:/Audio Paradiso/Classical/Bach - The Well-Tempered Clavier (Rosalyn Tureck)'

In that folder resides a folder (named: ‘Book 1’), and if I drag&drop that one, all goes well.

Let me know if you need more details?

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I also tried it on another drive with a very simple path:
Folder ABCD in the root of it, containing folders AB and CD.

ABCD won’t drag & drop.
AB and CD both will.

There is an option Options > Advanced > Recursively add files and folders from directory. It’s on by default, but maybe it’s disabled for you?


Damn, that’s it.
I remember (a long time ago) looking at that option and not really understanding what it meant.
Not being a native English speaker, I even looked up the word, and that still didn’t drop a coin.
And then I probably did switch it on and off to see what it did.
And now I know…

I’m very sorry for wasting your time.

(maybe using some wording like ‘including sub-folders’ would be more obvious to simpletons like me :wink: )

Thanks @outsidecontext


You’re welcome. Yeah, “recursively” is one of those terms programmers use all of the time, so it’s easy to forget that this is not a term common to everyone :frowning: “Include sub-folders when adding files from directory” actually might work better indeed.

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Another thing now pops to my mind about this setting:
So it has an effect when you drag & drop, but it has no effect when you use ‘Add Folder’.

I have no opinion about that, it just makes me wonder a little bit.

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Sounds like that inconsistent behavior might be a bug. Can you please add a ticket for it at https://tickets.metabrainz.org so it’s not forgotten and someone can check it out? Thanks.