Picard Name File Wrong

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When I ask Picard to lookup a mp3 I just recorded from the web, like from Spotify it finds the wrong Artist/Title in some files. When I correct it manuly and recan it it puts back the wrong one again. ANNOYING! Is there a way to tell Picard that what I manuly put in is correct? I went to Amazon to look up the correct Artist/Title and Picard switchs it back. Why? How can I prevent it?

Picard Version 1.4.2
Windows 10 64-bit


When you save in Picard, it changes the Artist, title, etc., but it also adds MusicBrainz custom tags to identify the Recording, Release, Artist, etc. When you load a file back into Picard, it checks those MBID’s and assigns all the data for those entities back to the tags for the file. I’m assuming that when you say you changed it manually, you went in to the file and typed in artist name, title and so on.

The more persistent way to fix something manually when you have a file assigned to the wrong recording in Picard is to find the correct release on the website, drag the website address bar to Picard, so it opens up in the right pane, then drag the file in Picard to the correct track on that release. When you hit save now, it will save the correct visible tags and the correct MBID’s, so next time you pull up the file in Picard, it will be matched to the correct recording.


When I drag the file that I renamed the correct tags and file name and when I drag it back in to Picard the “Save” option is grayed out and will not let me save it. Why is that?


It is not quite clear to me what you mean, could you provide a screenshot?