PICARD minor UI changes for v1.4

A proposed UI update for Picard.

We have had a jira ticket [PICARD-319] Add 'Add' button to file browser pane to add files - MetaBrainz JIRA

to add ‘Add items/files’ button to the file browser pane.

I want to propose that we add a couple more buttons-

  1. A create new folder button
  2. A ‘move files to this directory’ button
  3. A ‘set starting directory’ button

I also propose we introduce simple file/folder interaction options in the context menu.

  1. Rename and
  2. Delete

I would like picard’s file pane to have more file system interactions than simple drag and drop.

I’d like to know the views of picard users before proceeding :slight_smile:

Please comment below.

For screenshot see(just add files button added as of now) -


I can’t see any problem with this (personally I have that pane hidden anyway/ use drag and drop).

As long as the new buttons are 100% clear - you’re aware of our current learning curve issues so I’m sure you’ll keep that in mind when adding new stuff!

“Move files to this directory” — not sure exactly what that’d do (move which files?). But it sounds confusing next to buttons which only change Picard’s transient state, but don’t actually change your files (loading files into picard, changing Picard’s directory browser root folder). Accidentally hitting it would be a PITA, compared to the no big deal of the other two.

Also, of those three, hard to believe anything other than “add” is really a frequent action.

I think I’d rather skip the buttons, and just have double-click add instead of expand folders. But that’s definitely a hidden power-user thing.

I may be somewhat weird though, I don’t have Picard move my files, ever. And it’d not know to use git mv anyway.

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Move files to this directory is directly related to the existing File browser context menu option which is named the same.

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