Picard Making numerous duplicates

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So I used Picard on 34gb of MP3s I have. Taking the files from one location and saving the updated files in a new directory. The problem is with the 34gb of input files it outputted 132gb of files. Somehow triplicates (and sometimes quadruplicates) were made of nearly every file that went in…How did this happen? How do I stop it from happening? and is there an easy way to fix it?

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Are you sure that was due to duplication, and not due to embedding cover art? I routinely have my FLAC files double in size due to my choice to embed all cover art at full resolution — and since MP3s start smaller than FLACs, I think that’d fully explain what you’re seeing.

Positive, because I actually didn’t notice the issue until I added the folder to my audio library in Winamp and saw all of the duplicates.

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Dozam could you:

  1. Post the renaming string and details of the “create new folder” method you are using.
  2. Double ( or just once more ) check that the original folder does not contain the duplicates by putting that folder into Winamp.

Ok so the file naming string is:

I have the following checked:
-Move Files when saving
-Move additional files (.jpg,.png)
-Delete Empty Directories
-Rename Files when saving
-Replace non-ASCII characters

I can’t really check the “original” files, because they have been renamed and moved…Which wasn’t even my intention initially…at least not consciously.

The only way I could imagine Picard duplicating files is if it was copying files between different partitions and / or remote drives and the source files cannot be deleted due to missing permissions or being set readonly. But since you say the originals were also moved this seems not to be the case.

Otherwise I don’t see how Picard could do this. There is a feature request to add the ability to copy files instead of moving, but that’s not even implemented.

How are the duplicates located on the disc? Are they renamed in a similar way or are they in totally independent folders?

They seem to be organized as they should be, that is based on the naming convention in the settings. All the files seem to be in the same directories (duplicates with the “original” files), with a few exceptions.