Picard Mac - Slow/Fast

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I’ve been working with some large-ish groups of files, about 1000 at a time.

I’ve noticed that rename performance starts off very slow, on the order of about a file every 2 minutes. During this time, system monitor says Picard is not responding. After a while, I’m able to finally click the window and deselect the entire contents of the right side pane. Once this happens (now a single row is selected) the write performance changes to a few files a second.

Any idea what is going on here and how to make this better?


you are adding to many files to Picard in one hit. it can only look up so many at a time before that will happen add less i recommend adding songs to placard in the hundreds max (the number depends on what each computer can handle) and wait for it to start looking for them or for the results to come back (at least most) before adding more. you can go true and save them when you have added all the songs you wont results for (tho dont select 1000+ and save them in one hit).

Yes… I find it works a lot smoother by staying away from those 4 digit quantities on the left side of the window.

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