Picard-Last.fm.ng-Plugin: Use artist genre instead of album genre

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Hey there…
Is it still possible to use the artist genre for every track? Looks like I can only tag the separate albums with album genre?
I think that would be really stupid… The plugins before were able to tag via artist genre and it seems quite logical to me to support that feature in the future.


I wanted to suggest you report this issue to the plugin author, but I just saw you already did a while back :slight_smile:


yes thats right… i was afraid that the same people are hanging around here :smiley:


I Sagehorn, does genre tag are avaible for you ?
In my case, without Plugin, with LastFm Plugin, or with LastFm.Plus plugin, i never view genre tag in Picard :frowning:

I definetly need mutli-valued tag for genre.

Maybe you could help me with this in PM ?
I don’t find any information about a intial configuration for this.

Thanks a lot for your help.