Picard isn’t getting album art for some files?

Some reason, Ive no idea why, Picard isnt getting album art for some songs/albums. It does for most, works just fine. Also, the albums that its not getting art for is very common albums, the info is there. I tried using the “tagger” button on musicbrainz but that doesnt work at all in firefox, nor in IE.

Im sorta at a lost how to get picard to get some album art that is available on musicbrainz.


Oh I kinda figured out a work-a-round, choose a different version for the album that has the correct art, then save that. Maybe thats the only way to make sure to get the art is to chose a good version, that has all the right info including the cover art.

Im getting picard! Some learning curve but its not bad!

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Well, if the cover art is not in the database Picard can’t show it :slight_smile:

But you can enable the option “Use the image of the release group if no front image is associated with the release” in Options > Cover Art.

Also you can use additional cover art sources such as Amazon. The current Picard development version gives you even more options to fine tune how different cover art sources are used.


Also wanted to add that of course you an always add cover art to MusicBrainz if you find one missing. The database only improves if people contribute :slight_smile:


See also this thread which has useful info on cover art.