Picard is unable to match tracks, but AcoustIDs are uploaded


I’m having a problem with matching tracks from Portal album “Hagbulbia”. Picard shows messages like this for all 5 tracks:

D: 21:03:33 WSREQ: Last request to ('api.acoustid.org', 80) was 333 ms ago, starting another one
D: 21:03:34 Received reply for http://api.acoustid.org:80/v2/lookup: HTTP 200 (OK) 
D: 21:03:34 AcoustID: Lookup successful for '/home/alioth/temp/listen/hagbulbia/05_hexodeus.mp3'
D: 21:03:34 No matching tracks for file '/home/alioth/temp/listen/hagbulbia/05_hexodeus.mp3'
D: 21:03:34 Updating file <File u'05_hexodeus.mp3'>

But AcoustIDs of all tracks from this album actually are available:

At AcoustID “Linked MusicBrainz recordings” sections show two MBIDs in italics, but there is no artist and title information.

I don’t have any problems with matching tracks from other albums, just with this one album of Portal. What’s wrong?

Looks like AcoustID’s MusicBrainz mirror is not up-to-date and needs 5o be updated. @lukz Is this known?