Picard is not saving the track specific performer tags from MB

When I save the tracks for a release, none of the track specific performer tracks are being saved.
In the screen shot below, I have already tagged the release with Picard 2.8.5 and save the files. When I open the tracks again, the track specific performers are missing - see below

How do I get them to save?
I have ‘write tags to file’ selected and ‘use track relationships’

This looks correct to me. Both the original and new value columns show the same data. “Original” is the data as loaded from the files, so this indicates the data was saved properly. If the data would not have been saved the original values would be empty.

The numbers also match the relationships on the release: https://musicbrainz.org/release/a575174c-36c5-4ba5-8f34-1d752815fd99 . E.g. Joni Mitchel performed acoustic guitar on 2 of the 10 tracks, so this data is missing on 8.

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Yes, you are correct. It was confusing me… sorry.
(got the flu today! :frowning: )

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