Picard: Is it possible to script around "_dirname"?

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I would like to replace the not allowed special chars in windows file names with self defined characters.
My attempt to change the question mark into nothing (instead of an underscore)
seems not to work.

What can I use as an alternative?
If this is not possible with script-commands: Would it work with a plugin?

I found a workaround with script commands in the file naming section (not in the scripting section) and with examples found here:

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See this post for an explanation and scripting solution:

UPDATE: Scratch that, this post was about replacing / and \, the only special characters you cannot manage inside the file naming script.

For your issue with ? you can wrap your entire naming script into a $replace(), that will work. The variable %_dirname% is not during renaming, it represents the directory the files are originally loaded from.