Picard is extremely slow in this moment

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Hi everyone Picard is running very very slow in this moment.
it stays on the Pending Request and takes 10 to 20 seconds per track to find the song.
tipically this time can be measured in milliseconds
Does anyone experiencing the same issue?
I have already remove and re-installalled, try to load file from hard drive and not from USB pen…
not sure what else I can do
thanks a lot

and to be more specific I have seen in the error log this message many times
E: 22:06:56,566 webservice_init_._handle_reply:445: Network request error for http://api.acoustid.org:80/v2/lookup: Error transferring http://api.acoustid.org:80/v2/lookup - server replied: Too Many Requests (QT code 299, HTTP code 429)

According the logs, it’s AcoustID.org that’s slow at the moment.
It happens from time to time.
It’s what’s behind the Scan (fingerprints) button.
You can still search your release otherwise by text search or by CD lookup or by browsing MusicBrainz.org

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Thanks Jesus
I was thinking it was my problem.
are you saying that maybe there are to many users quering the service?