Picard in Windows Store?

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Would it be possible to have Picard published in the Windows Store?

Microsoft now has a Desktop App Converter which allows developers to convert Win32 applications to the new format.


I find it super convenient to install programs from the store and have them auto update when new versions are available.


Related bug: PICARD-72.


“PICARD-72” relates to yearly-paid iOS, this topic is about Windows Store and there is only one-time registration fee. There should be new ticket I think.


Me too!!!

Please publish Picard as an AppX on the Windows Store using the Centennial UWP bridge. This is just another way to make this app available to people and gives them the chance to discover. There are tons of other benefits. Look at Paint.net, IrfanView, Kodi, WhatsApp desktop, etc. for example. Pretty please? :slight_smile: