Picard Idea - Genre Priority Order

So I’m starting to put my Picard to more use, its currently churning through my library of around 18,000 songs to clean my library up a bit more.

I’m starting over on genres, trying to get the genres I submit into MB to be fed into my collection (simple enough).

For albums from one artist I will put the genre on the linked release and have Picard pick it up from there, however on compilations (which may span multiple genres) it will pick them up from the recordings - this works fine.

Only time this doesn’t work is if I personally have set a genre on the compilation, and also the recordings. Which can cause it to double up.

Is there any way of setting a priority order for picking the genre, something like:

  1. Recording
  2. Release
  3. Release Group
  4. Artist

Just an idea, if this needs to go somewhere else than the forum then lemme know.

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There are a lot of previous discussions about genre if you search for them, including my comments on what new functionality is needed which I am not going to repeat here.


There are whole bunch of tickets!

In order from very related to tangentially related:

(^ see Phillip Wolfer’s comment)

Only kinda related, including Sophists ‘big’ ones that I think they’re referring to:

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