Picard GUI Freeze

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Did I do something wrong, or did I crash Picard?

I have a soundtrack album loaded up in Picard. Two CDs so lots of tracks. (30 and 17) https://musicbrainz.org/release/b0df6008-679f-4134-ae7a-92628dd3cf14

Each CD should have a subtitle. I noticed someone on MB had added the correct subtitle to CD1, but that edit has not completed yet so not copied to Picard.

I don’t want to wait 4 more hours for the edit, so attempt to add the subtitle myself. Select the 30 FLAC tracks of CD1. I then click “Add Tag…” in the bottom half of the page. Select “discsubtitle” as the tag, then paste the correct title.

I hit OK… and am sitting here looking at a spinning “waiting”… circle.

Not crashed, just stuck… forever… Windows PC… latest Picard

@IvanDobsky I see you have set this for deletion, but for completeness this is the issue reported at https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD-1926 or https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD-1689

Very hard to reproduce on most systems, some users unfortunately run into this more frequently. It’s some kind of deadlock situation that can happen, but the exact cause is yet unknown. Hence no cure yet :frowning:


I got this undeleted to add a few notes for you @outsidecontext in case they are useful.

I don’t have “wipe all tags” on.

These were FLAC files from an unknown source. I had loaded them into Picard and re-tagged them - so all tags had now been re-written by Picard.

Just previously, I had taken five tracks in a selection and manually retyped their titles then hit Save.

That is when I then selected the tracks of Disc 1 and attempted to add the Subtitle. BUT that freeze didn’t happen on the Save. That Freeze happened just after setting the subtitle tag. So no writing was going on.

I deleted this thread because when I force ended Picard and then went back to repeat the issue, there was no issue.

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Yes, no need to save to trigger this. That’s a pure UI related issue with the metadata box. Triggering a refresh here can trigger the error. For some it is when adding a tag, some reports also just toggled the “show changes first”.

Problem is I neither can in any at least semi-reliable way reproduce this issue on any of my available systems (I have experienced it myself, but overall not more than 2 or maybe 3 times at random occasions) nor do I have a concrete theory where exactly in the code it is blocking (past theories have all been busted). I am rather confident it is a threading related dead-lock situation, but not sure really where.


If I see a pattern, I’ll take notes. Last night I was on a major blast of hitting some larger files that had never been tagged properly. This was the only freeze in a seven hour session.

Even when loading up the whole of Douglas Adams’ HHGTTG, still no problems. Five books, five CDs each, 25-30 FLAC tracks per CD. All in the GUI at the same time. All needing freshly fixed tags. And I have to say Picard was running nice and smooth on retagging that large collection.

Or when I threw 30 or so soundtracks in at the same time for checking\retagging - again no hiccups. One freeze is allowable for the noticeable smoothness of the rest of the software.