Picard Future Feature Suggestion - Request

First off apologies if this is not posted in the right section. I could not find a specific feedback section. I hope everyone is doing alright through these strange pandemic times we are all having to deal with.

I have a request for a new feature to Picard. Due to there being so many different preference settings and do I dare say complications in getting things as one chooses. Some do require research and settings can be forgotten, plus some of us have rather large user scripts and many other additional add-on / plugins.

Would it please…‘pretty please’ be to much to ask for a save settings feature, an export and import feature. I feel this could very beneficial to many users. As things stand I have taken screenshots of each preference setting as my backup. I have also noticed the restore defaults button which I am so conscious of not accidentally clicking. I don’t even know if there is a confirm button but I’m staying well away from that.

Thank you all so much for all the good work you do here. Picard is ‘simply the best’ My library has never been so tidy and organised since I seriously started to get into it. Thankfully my file naming script thanks to a member on here does a wonderful job and I have added some modifications to it to suit my needs.

Take care everyone.


Instead of taking screenshots you can copy the picard.ini file. It contains all settings. See http://picard-docs.musicbrainz.org/en/faq/faq_config.html#where-is-the-picard-configuration-saved


Argh there’s a hidden file. Thank you so much. I went hunting through my User Library and I got the preference files but could not find anything in Application Support on OSX. So does that include everything including the plugins, scripts added etc.

It does include all settings and scripts. The plugins themselves are stored separately, see Options > Plugins > Open plugin folder


You can setup shortcuts to load different preference files. I remember doing that before for someone who needed different settings for different types of editing.

I don’t know how it would work on a Mac, but on a PC you can start Picard with a -c argument to run any picard.ini file you like

"C:\Program Files\MusicBrainz Picard\picard.exe" -c %APPDATA%\MusicBrainz\ClassicalPicard.ini

It means some work keeping manual copies of picard.ini in line, but fairly simple to the swap between very different editing setups.