Picard fails fetching cover art, logging “CAA JSON error: .../index.json not found”

For the last two days, I have had instances where newly-added releases will cause Picard 1.3.2 to log errors like the above.

In some cases, the front cover art will load, in others, not.

Such albums appear with a red “incomplete match” icon. The album’s info tag has an error message, as does the Help / View Error/Debug Log window.

A release illustrating the problem is http://musicbrainz.org/release/b36a6283-ed57-4efe-b7aa-13ab90dc71c6

If I load this release in Picard, error messages are added to the log.

E: 19:04:10 Network request error for http://ia801505.us.archive.org/26/items/mbid-b36a6283-ed57-4efe-b7aa-13ab90dc71c6/index.json: Error downloading http://ia801505.us.archive.org/26/items/mbid-b36a6283-ed57-4efe-b7aa-13ab90dc71c6/index.json - server replied: Not Found (QT code 203, HTTP code 404)
E: 19:04:10 CAA JSON error: Error downloading http://ia801505.us.archive.org/26/items/mbid-b36a6283-ed57-4efe-b7aa-13ab90dc71c6/index.json - server replied: Not Found

Indeed, these files are not present in the archive, so I suspect this is an adding-stuff-to-the-CAA problem. Has anyone else noticed this? Where is the most appropriate place to report it?

Yes, this has come up on IRC, too. Unfortunately, as of now, it is still unclear what the issue is and where some CAA updates “get lost”.

Isn’t it just the json version that doesn’t get generated?
XML and the cover images themselves look fine in the examples I found so far…

So if this problem persists, maybe switch picard to xml? Or even make the lookup optional and just have picard download the stupid cover? Not sure what the json data is needed for any way… only in case of multiple covers maybe?

For this particular release, the index.json has been generated in the meantime.

Yeah, but if you look into the directory you can see that it took longer than a day:

Does it seem weird that the json file (with changing info) gets written 4 times, with some minutes delay and then the meta files get written at the same time as the last one?

Meh, no idea what I’m looking at there. Maybe that’s just a byproduct of people trying to fix stuff.

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Thank You. I have opened an issue for this in the MusicBrainz Server project on the jira

I tried using the “files.xml” instead of that index.json and everything seems to work fine. This should probably be implemented in picard.