Picard doesn't recognise 'original source webpage' tag for ID3 (WOAS)

Could this be a bug?

For flac files Picard reads the tag for the ‘original/official audio source webpage’ correctly (tag code: ORIGIN WEBSITE), but for mp3 files it doesn’t recognize it (tag code: WOAS).

I found a couple more valid ID3 tags that Picard doesn’t seem to recognize:

TOWN - File owner/licensee
TRSO - Internet radio station owner
TOFN - Original Filename

So if you have these present in your mp3’s, Picard will delete them without you being aware of it.
(if you have ‘clear existing tags’ set)

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@hiccup Please create matching tickets for each unsupported tag you find. We’ll have to dig if it’s a Picard or Mutagen issue, or anything else.

@outsidecontext you might want to check this

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I’ll await if @outsidecontext responds to this before I create tickets.
I learned to trust his pro-active hands-on mentality a bit more than the ticketing system.

Doesn’t look like @outsidecontext has had the time to look in, so I’ve gone ahead and created tickets now:


Thanks @Freso. I actually started to write a reply to this, but all I wrote before I got interrupted was:

No, it’s not a bug, it’s just not implemented.

:slight_smile: Tickets for this make sense. Even though Picard itself probably cannot provide meaningful data for this itself.

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