Picard doesn't launch on my mac

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Hi there,

This is very exciting software. I love the idea of it being connected directly to MB. I downloaded the dmg file, ran the program…and crickets… No sign of anything. It just doesn’t launch.

Please ask me for any log, or system file you need in order to get it to work.

Thank you for your time fellas!


Please try moving the Picard app to your app folder and try again. I have heard of cases where it did not run directly from the DMG, don’t know why. Likely a packaging bug we should investigate.

Also what version of macOS do you use?

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YESSIR. Thank you very much. That solved it. <3


HI, Mine doesn’t open also . MacBook Air. I moved it onto apps folder as you suggested. still nothing. which download version i should chose for my MacBook Air - its Mojave 10.14.1? - i did the latest. plz help. Thanks!


did you make sure the Picard app is in the “Applications” folder?


It says I downloaded the disc image - did I miss something?


it solved. my security was blocking it. Now it works. Thanks.


Great, can you share some details on what you did? We should probably add this to the FAQ or something.