Picard documentation claims %_recording_seriesnumber% tag is available, but does it actually exist?

I’m trying to make a naming script to handle the OverClocked ReMix collection all at once. There is a series for it on the MusicBrainz database[0].

I’m trying to construct a naming script specifically for this, but I’m hitting a wall on how to do it. My best attempt at the script is simple: “OverClocked ReMix/Collection/%_recording_seriesnumber% %artist% - %title%”

The problem is that %_recording_seriesnumber% seems to resolve to an empty string, and the variable completion in the editor doesn’t recognize the name as existing. According to the documentation[1], it should have showed up in 2.9; I’m running 2.9.2. Building the latest Git HEAD for Picard likewise did not yield anything close to indicating that it supports it.

The “tagger” button on the MusicBrainz site likewise doesn’t show up for this series, when it shows up for recordings and albums. It’s making me question whether PIcard even works for a series such as this…

[0] https://musicbrainz.org/series/b2b031ec-176e-45fd-8965-4691a9e79691
[1] Basic Variables — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9.2 documentation

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yeah, that is kinda odd that that doesn’t work, because it looks to me like it should… I’ll go ahead and tag @rdswift and @outsidecontext, who are more familiar with the inner workings of Picard than I am~

on your second question, Picard doesn’t currently support tagging a series as an album, if that’s what you’re asking. if you’re saying the Tagger button doesn’t appear in the listing for each recording tho, I believe it should (I’d test myself, but I’m away from my PC at the moment…)

a side note about using %_recording_seriesnumber%, there could be multiple series numbers if a recording is in multiple (numbered) series. I don’t foresee you’ll run into this issue with OCRemix tracks, but it’s something to keep in mind~

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Have you enabled reading release and track relationships in Options > Metadata?


I had only release relationships enabled. I’ve checked both of them now, and the script is still not working as I’d expect.

The issue is that the series relationships are currently not loaded for recordings, only when loading entire releases. That’s a bug, thanks for reporting. But it’s easy to fix, we’ll have this fixed in the 2.10 release.

It works when loading entire releases. E.g. when loading https://musicbrainz.org/release/463f2410-1958-4174-a3bb-63520185985f track 4 would have said series set. But as soon as individual recordings get loaded Picard does not request the series relationships in the request to the MB database.

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Does this mean that we should move the recording series variables to the “Advanced Variables” section of the documentation, rather than in the “Basic Variables” section?

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Yes indeed, we should do this.

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Okay, I’ll enter a PR for it.


Sounds like a good resolution :slight_smile: Glad to know I wasn’t just doing it wrong.


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