Picard crashes after lunch ("Segmentation fault (core dumped)")

Fresh app install on a fresh Linux Mint 21.

ui/playertoolbar.init:90: Internal player: QtMultimedia available, initializing QMediaPlayer
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

It seems this bug goes back to 2020 and it still hasn’t been fixed. Someone suggested adding ‘–no-player’ to ‘Picard’ and it works but I don’t want to use the terminal and type all that every time!

I don’t run Picard on Linux but (joking) you could try running it in the morning instead. :wink:

More seriously @outsidecontext ?

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save the jokes. i’m not in the mood. been wasting time trying to even do the most basic thing.

oh, how I miss mp3tag…


Mp3tag still exists.

Not for Linux, did you not know?

I understand you. The alternatives are lousy.

You can add it to the .desktop file. If you have installed Picard via package management the .desktop file is usually located at /use/share/applications/org.musicbrainz.Picard.desktop.

I recommend to copy this to $HOME/.local/share/applications. Then edit the file there and add the --no-player parameter to the picard command there.

It hasn’t been fixed in Picard because it is an issue of QtMultimedia, likely related to your hardware. The issue would need to be fixed in QtMultimedia or the hardware driver or wherever in the audio stack the core issue arises.

On the Picard side I currently don’t see a way to predict if this issue would occur. If it occurs it is already too late and the application crashes. We added the --no-player option as a workaround for those affected by it.