Picard cannot submit new Album


I have installed Picard on Ubuntu 14.04 and have all the dependencies installed. The tracks of a new CD generate an acoustid, but for some reason the “Submit” button stays dimmed. In my activity log is shows:

0:38:58 Looking up the fingerprint for file ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs/cdda:host=sr0/Track 11.wav’ …
20:38:59 No matching tracks for file ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs/cdda:host=sr0/Track 11.wav’

So the tracks in the database and a manual search confirms this.

What is wrong?


From your description it is not quite clear to me what you have done after generating the AcoustIds . But if after scanning Picard cannot find any matching release you will have to use other methods to find the proper release, e.g. by using lookup or a manual search. Then you can match your files against that release and when you have done that the Submit button will light up and allow you to submit the AcoustIds.


Not quite. The release has never been loaded into MusicBrainz. I have previously added new CD’s (or old releases) manually into the database, but now I want to use Picard to do this.


  1. The Acoustids are not in the database
  2. The release/tracks aren’t in there either.

It seems logical to me that when neither are there, Picard should allow me to upload all the relevant data?


Now I see. But no, Picard does not allow creating a release directly as there is no editing by API in MusicBrainz. The submit button is for submitting new AcoustIds.

There is a Add Cluster As Release plugin you can use. It will open the release editor on MusicBrainz prefixes with the data if your files.


Doubling up on what @outsidecontext is saying, so that you don’t feel like you missed something, the ‘Submit’ button is totally misleading for a new user!

The rest of the editing you have to do on the actual MusicBrainz website, with a log in etc.
Adding a release is really simple once you’ve got the basics down (which can take a shot or two).
If you need a hand doing so let us know in here.


Picard cannot directly be used to submit releases. However, you can use Picard’s CD lookup function to cross-reference your CD’s Disc ID with those in the database and if the release you want isn’t in the database (as is the case here) you can use the “add a new release” function to add the release you need with the Disc ID attached. Is this what you were looking for?


Where is this “add a new release” in Picard? Or are your referring to the web interface of MusicBrainz?


It is in the disc ID lookup dialog in Picard, it is shown if you have a CD inserted and use the disc lookup feature.


My work flow for ripping cd’s adding data to musicbrainz and writing tags for these generated flac.

Use sound juicer to rip the cd.

  • A diskid will be generated and looked up in the database.
  • If this release exists in the database this information will be fetched and the musicbrainz id’s will be saved in the resulting flac file.
  • If this release does not exist it will allow you to submit the diskid to musicbrainz, from there you can match this to a release or add the release to musicbrainz.
    I then rip the cd and generate flac files.
    I import these flac files into picard, as this already has musicbrainz id tags it matches these and adds any additional tags or cover art etc.
    I then use the acoustid fingerprinter to to calculate and submit the fingerprint to the database.
    Finally i run the tool and submit data to acousticbrainz.org

You can replace the submitting disk id and submitting the acousticid fingerprint with features in picard but i prefer my workflow.


There is also the “Add Cluster As Release” plugin for Picard that will allow you to seed an “add release” form with data from tracks you have “clustered” in Picard. Check under plugins in Picard’s settings.