Picard Barcode Scanner for Android is back

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The Picard Barcode Scanner App for Android recently vanished from the Play Store because I did not update it after some terms of service changes. This has now been fixed and I have published a new release.

For those who do not know it: With the Picard Barcode Scanner you can use your phone to scan CDs and other physical releases by barcode and load them directly into Picard. This requires your phone and the computer to be in the same wireless network.

The app can be installed either from the Play Store or by downloading the latest APK from

Please note that this is just a maintenance update to keep this working for me and others. Except for some translation updates and rebuilding with newer tools this is the same app as in the last release 7 years ago. It’s using a lot of legacy stuff and either should be modernized or maybe this functionality could get integrated into the official MusicBrainz app.