Picard asking for authorization when trying to load one specific release

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I’m trying to re-tag (from the left-hand File Browser or via drag-and-drop) https://musicbrainz.org/release/dda13af4-6a59-443a-a4a1-47096b5dabcd whereupon Picard asks me for authorization. (I’m already logged in.) Granting authorization (again) still doesn’t load the release. I can, however, “import” the release by looking it up and clicking the “Tagger” button.

FWIW, I merged two releases in https://musicbrainz.org/edit/56558222 and my (not yet re-tagged) files still have the old release ID (and track IDs).

I don’t have too many releases on my disk at the moment, maybe a couple of dozen, so I can’t say how prevalent the issue is, but this is the only release where it happens.

Win10 / Picard v2.1


E: 18:50:46,562 webservice._handle_reply:383: Network request error for https://musicbrainz.org:443/ws/2/release/dda13af4-6a59-443a-a4a1-47096b5dabcd?inc=release-groups+media+recordings+artist-credits+artists+aliases+labels+isrcs+collections+user-collections+artist-rels+release-rels+url-rels+recording-rels+work-rels+recording-level-rels+work-level-rels: Host requires authentication (QT code 204, HTTP code 401)

E: 18:50:46,562 album.error_append:222: Host requires authentication

There is a bug in 2.1 which causes this behavior for releases which have been merged. This causes a redirect from the old MBID to the new one, which Picard 2.1 does not handle properly. The bug has already been fixed in the development branch, so one solution is to install the development release from https://github.com/metabrainz/picard/releases/tag/release-2.1.1dev2

Another solution is to use the following workaround:

  1. Press “No” on the login prompt
  2. The album will show with a loading error. Right click it and select “Lookup in Browser”.
  3. The release will be loaded on musicbrainz.org and the redirect to the new MBID will be performed there. When the album is loaded click on the green “tagger” button to load it into Picard.
  4. Picard will load the new MBID as a new album. Move the files from the erroneous to the newly loaded one

The above basically means manually executing what Picard otherwise should do automatically.

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Thx, can confirm it works with the latest development release.

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